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Champion Taekwondo Tigers

"Bully Proof your Child"

  • Monday        4-5pm

  • Wednesday  4-5pm

  • Friday           4-5pm

  • €10/Class or €50/Mth  

Head Coach Mark Casserly

The Tiger Academy is more than a Competitive Martial Arts Academy. We teach kids life skills that will far extend past any boxing ring. Kids are trained to adopt and understand the traits of a leader and a team player.


How do we do this ?

1. Your Child will Train hard & play games that will challenge them physically and mentally... Fun is always our underlying theme.

2. Your Child will be set tasks & a time frame, at the end of which they will be Graded (approximately every 4-6 months). They will strive to attain their next color belt in accordance with our syllabus. If successful they will receive a new belt, a Certificate and Award badges. Top Student/s of the Grading will also receive a trophy. 

3. Each Child, at least twice per week, will be trained and supported to stand in front of the class and Instruct a group of his or her peers. We have a proud 100% record of encouraging the quietest child to do this with confidence. 

4. We have designed a three fold reward system to emphasize that hard work and dedication is always rewarded. Firstly we run a Student of the Month Award.The winning student receives a Gold Medal, Gold Star and a Prize. Secondly, kids are awarded with Life Skills Badges, Fitness Badges and Technical Badges. Thirdly each child will take an exam every 6 months to try achieve their next belt. On top of all of this your Child will have the opportunity to fight in upcoming competitions in national and potentially International events.              

Tiger Team

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