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"People use to say that Boxing is for Men and not for Women, and I thought I will show them some day.I promised myself and I proved myself"
Mary  Kom
5 time Amateur World Boxing Champion
We offer 12 Classes per month , 2 "Women's Only Classes" + 1 Mixed Class of your choice/Week. This is a "No to low Contact" class with  the  emphasis  on  re/introducing you to Fitness , Strength training and Kickboxing. This is a fun , energetic  and music fueled class. You will learn how to wrap your hands , Box , Kick , hit pads, hold pads..... there is never a dull moment . You also have the option of doing  a Weekly Weigh-in  & receive nutritional advice for no extra cost.  Learn how fighters  (and soon you)  Set Goals,  Time frames , Plans to Achieve & Execute them plans. Train to fight  , Train to Lose Weight , Train to Feel Good.
Some of our Female Team
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